The denial of good conversation

The dissemination of information is something we often take for granted but it hasn’t always been like that. A long time ago, long before computers, the internet and 24-hour interconnectivity, in a pre-digital age, information used to belong to a small group of individuals. Whatever doctrines or ideas they spoke of were held to be […]

Making it along the security highway

How does one succeed in anything, let alone in the information security & risk management industry? Through CAD? CAD is, as we understand it, is an acronym for computer aided design, which security professionals might agree makes no sense in the context of progressing in their respective careers. However, here it stands for something altogether […]

A lack of definition denying organisations top professionals

When one cannot define something it poses a problem of sorts. Without definition, which would suggest clarity, boundary and form, something which is indefinite is, by its nature, vague, ambiguous and hazy. While this may sound obvious, it is said in response to some reading we came across recently. A report from the Government Accountability […]

That old new

It’s always the case that the latest gadget, fad, instrument of innovation, touted as being brand new and state-of-the-art, is, technically, if we are to be a bit pedantic about it, ‘old’. It may appear to be an anomalous statement, because, if we take the iPad 2, when it first came out, it was indeed […]

Be the muscle for the digital age

Neelie Kroes, European commissioner for digital agenda, said in a speech recently to the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy that her ambition is to “reinforce” the European Network and Information Security Agency (Enisa) as the world moves to even greater connectivity. Globalisation in a trade sense of the word was step one […]

Innovative protection for Android devices

Things move apace and before you know it you’re living and working as an information security & risk management professional in a city from a futuristic Hollywood movie. The kind where you work with documents virtually, scanning them in the open air with your fingers. The kind where everything is voice activated. The kind of […]