The attraction of contract working: Part One

Contract work is, these days, a growing phenomenon. More people than ever before, especially in the Information Security industry, are considering shifting to this unique style of working. And it appeals to both individuals and organisations, principally because it is a flexible, easy and productive way of working. So just what is contract work? Although […]

Some things never change: Part two

If you haven’t been hiding in a cave this month or guilty watching Celebrity Big Brother – testament to the saying “it ain’t over till it’s over” – you’ll have been hooked by two major stories that have emerged – one is Wikipedia’s one-day blanket blockade of its English-based content and the other is the […]

Something phishy is going on in Facebook

What would a world be like without Facebook? The mere question sends an icy shudder down our collective spines. It has become so embedded not only in our personal lives, but has rooted itself into the identity of different facets of society. From political parties to charities to big corporate giants, Facebook has become integral […]

Some things never change: Part One

The New Year doesn’t necessarily mean change. It becomes accepted wisdom that once the seconds begin ticking away past midnight on January 1st, things are suddenly different. That the world changes. That we change. If you really look at it hard it’s just a symbolic act. Time, as we know, is relative. Nothing is absolute […]

A new year, a new you and a new opportunity

At the start of a new year there is a certain impulse to start afresh. Not so much from square one, that would be quite absurd, but from a certain, how can we put it, stage in one’s life? So, as is customary, one will choose to go on a diet after a period of […]

The threat to modern vehicles in the digital age

The German Karl Benz is the man who invented the modern car. Starting a blog with such a statement is bound to provoke some criticism because it can be easily argued that he wasn’t. For example, Ferdinand Verbiest, a Flemish Jesuit missionary from the 17th century is a legitimate contender as the modern car’s founding father. You can […]

The fallibility of chip and pin

It was introduced back in 2004 and heralded as a fraud-smashing new approach to safely paying for goods and services. Like an impenetrable rock. The swish-swoosh of elaborate signatures – because we all thought the more complex the style, the harder it would be to forge – became a traditional gesture. The strip on the back of cards […]

Getting in on the conversation

Nowadays if you’re not on a social network site like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you are seen as someone who is not with the program. It’s objectionable to some people, an affront even – why on earth wouldn’t you be connected? This is an age of information, of conversation, both digitally and in person. We’ve […]

Thinking about the unknown

“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” Back in February 2002, Donald Rumsfeld, the then US Secretary of […]