Managing social media

You’d have thought social media was a simple thing: the two-way conversation where everyone’s connected, everyone’s linked, everyone’s liking, and everyone’s following. It’s a global world of connectivity, nonstop chitchat, an open existence where we learn, share and grow. At a basic level, yes, that’s social media defined perfectly, but as with any explanation of […]

Would you believe, employees are the biggest cause of data breaches

It’ll be interesting to gauge, statistically of course, the difference between the level of investment that goes in developing strategies, performing regular audits of procedures and investing in security systems aimed at reducing data management breaches coming from outside sources, than those which originate from within. In other words, are we in the risk management […]

2012: A year to remember

Writing for the Sunday Morning Herald, the technology and marketing journalist Lia Timson captured the growing sophistication of cyber criminals and their remarkable chutzpah, really rather well. It’s turning the industry inside out, upside down and then taking it for another rollercoaster ride. “People tend to think of computer crime as a technology exchange – […]

Some things can’t be swept under the carpet and forgotten

“Why can’t we just ignore PCI DSS and get on with life?” Now if that didn’t get you jumping off your seat with a certain “Hang on, what was that?” spot of confusion, then we admire your restraint. It certainly got us animated, curious and chatting away. Why so? Well, this is the question that […]

Facebook’s hidden flaws

Facebook is such a standard these days for both individuals and businesses alike it’s an unwritten rule that anyone or any company that avoids it, for whatever reason, really is living in the dark ages. However, with the recognition that the social networking platform is an everyday thing, like perhaps the presence of mobile phones, […]

The meaning of the LulzSec arrests

It’s a name that immediately gets everyone involved in information security. LulzSec. It was (or is, depending on a certain point of view) a well-known band of intercontinental hackers that prided themselves on carrying out cyber attacks on some very high-profile organisations and systems. Some of its alleged ‘hits’ have included tapping into the US […]

Get ready for the White Hat Rally

With a cast that was comprised of moustachioed Burt Reynolds, the suave Roger Moore, the arresting Farrah Fawcett and the legendary singers Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, The Cannonball Run (1981) was a riotous movie. The basic premise saw these oddballs compete against one another in a race across the country to win a […]

What does privacy even mean these days?

Nearly a year on from what was ultimately a triumphant debacle that engulfed parliament, the judiciary and the media, Ryan Giggs finally consented to being named as the footballer who took out an injunction over his alleged affair with the model Imogen Thomas. Whatever your thoughts about the matter, the main topic of conversation was […]