The slow rise in POS terminal attacks

Late last year there was conversation about the increasing frequency of point of sale (POS) terminal fraud, especially in the US. An extremely high-profile case that was discussed by security professionals with cyber security jobs and no doubt those on the hunt for IT security contract jobs concerned four Romanian nationals and a multimillion dollar […]

You can’t predict a riot

Last August, England was subject to five days of rioting. The spark for the unprecedented interlude of social unrest was the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham by the police. London erupted – there was widespread looting, disturbances, violence and arson. The riots then spread to Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol. For a tiny period […]

A little chat about penetration testing

Like ethical hacking, penetration testing – or pen testing to use its more popular name – is a way of assessing the security credentials of a network and/or system. Not to be confused with testing whether your dried up bic biro still works, it “tests” a system’s ability to keep information and data secure by […]

Acumin rocks into the USA

Acumin, an international information security and information risk management recruitment specialist, which has been delivering expert advice and assistance since 1998, is now expanding its operations into the US market. The recruitment agency, which is comprised of a number of specialist consultants, delivers a comprehensive range of services across a number of platforms, catering for […]

The men in white hats

White hats; the good guys, They are the folks that really care, On a rally, all for charity, Raising finance with natural flair. All are dare devils; true thrill seekers, To them skid pads provide no fear, They will drive the oddest vehicles, A strange experience they will share. Who would think that Geeks could […]

To name and shame

Let’s call it a concept. To name and shame, it goes without saying is an interesting moralistic tool, used to punish those who are purported to have committed a crime or wandered off the path that keeps society together. Like those Ronseal adverts, name and shame does exactly what it says – in this case […]

The problem with everyone knowing who you are

The more successful you are, the wider your reach, and, sadly, the more likely it is that the number of critics and opponents you have is going to significantly multiply. You can’t please everyone. This is the fate of governments, of big corporations, of uber-rich sports stars and people in the public sphere. They have […]