Catch up to the internet

Do you remember when the internet first emerged? We’re not talking about its absolute origins, the privy of a few exceptionally smart individuals, but when the internet really started to infuse into the everyday activities our lives. For most people, of a certain age that is, it was the late 90s when it all really […]

Don’t be a needle in a haystack

“A winner is someone who recognises his god-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Famous words from Larry Bird, a former NBA basketball player who was forced to retire from the game at the age of 36. He’d had a seminal career though; […]

The funny thing about the bustling security industry

In this day and age, characterised by economic stagnation, dwindling spending power and limited opportunity – further compounded by the fact that it had seemingly poured cats and dogs since time immemorial – the idea that businesses might struggle to retain staff appears at first anomalous. But it really isn’t. Even in the hardest of […]

Taking on the high-rollers

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), which exists to improve network security within the EU, has stated that all banks should “presume” that all of its customer’s have PCs that are “infected”. This fascinating suggestion by the security agency is predicated on the idea that it makes sense to go with the default […]

The kind of “how to” guide to security that SMBs will benefit from

The Data Protection Act came into force in 1998 and exists as the core piece of legislation that seeks to ensure that personal data is protected in the UK. Principle 7 of the act states what is required by those in possession of sensitive data in relation to security. Principle 7 is comprehensive – but […]

Cyber security is in an era of ‘prominent activity’

When one of the most senior figures in British security remarks that cyber security is a global threat, you know he isn’t beating about the bushes – he’s informed, he knows, and he’s happy to spread the bad news. Jonathan Evans, director general of MI5, the British intelligence agency that works to protect the UK’s […]

Everyone’s talking about DDoS: Part Two

Contradictions are good, they’re very human, a sort of nod to duality. With night comes day, with heat comes the cold, with the Force comes the Dark Side. While we began the first half of this feature sounding off about excessiveness – with good reason we hasten to add – we are, through being involved […]