We could all do with talking more

There’s something to be said about good communication, whether it’s an after work chat on the crazy wages of football stars, an enlightening exchange of tweet with someone across the world on press privacy in a digital age, or a networking meeting to discuss the latest happenings in the information security and risk management industry. […]

Sending a message: The meaning of Google’s privacy fine

The fine levied by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Google for violation of privacy laws was either in proportion to the billions of dollars the multinational tech company makes every year or so big as to send a message that such abuses will not be tolerated by other organisations. Either way, the $22.5 million […]

Ethical hacking: The card game

Whether you are a precocious youngster brought up on classic hacking films or a seasoned professional at the top of his game, Control-Alt-Hack, which has been developed by the University of Washington, is a card game that is worth a try. The game is based on the pursuit of ethical hacking, which is, in short, […]

Taking a leap into the unknown

Sun-Tzu, the great ancient Chinese military general and strategist, famously said: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” He was a very wise man and his iconic work, the Art of War, is popular among successful politicians and businessmen and women all around the world. We’re talking about Sun-Tzu because we speculate that Keith B Alexander, […]