How to boost your iCloud security

Online security is a serious issue, and following the furore of the recent celebrity hacking incident, more and more users are worried about the safety of their data stored in the iCloud. Whilst the salacious news stories focused on the intimate photographs of stars, the iCloud is used by many for storing a myriad of

When should breaches be disclosed

With a spate of high profile security breaches making the headlines, businesses are yet again facing the question of whether or not they are required, legally or morally, to disclose the breach. The answer varies from country to country, but are there any

Why is security spend declining while awareness and incidents increase?

According to a recent report by PwC surveying more than 9,000 IT execs and company directors, there has been a significant reduction in security spending annually in 2014. What makes the results of this survey so shocking is the fact there has been an increase in reported security incidents of

The Economic Impact of UK Cyber Crime

With high profile stories about data breaches and cyber attacks publicised almost every week by Britain’s media, it’s not surprising that many of us are wondering about the financial implications for the companies involved. However, at Acumin, we’ve seen how cyber crime comes with a significant ripple effect that harms the UK economy as a […]