Data breaches: targeting more than finances

When secure information is leaked or released unintentionally into an unprotected environment, there has been a data breach. By definition, a data breach has occurred when secured, sensitive or information that is otherwise confidential has been viewed, copied or stolen by an

Cyber security hiring: skills vs. qualifications

There are nearly five million small to medium-sized enterprises in Britain and, potentially, they are all at risk of cyber attacks. On a daily basis, a new computer virus or web-based scam is launched against a UK business, with experts estimating that 12.5% are affected by losses due to fraud – a sum that collectively […]

Journalism and information security: taking a safe approach

Following the recent revelatory news about state surveillance, journalists have become starkly aware of the need to protect their communications and sources. The interception of Edward Snowden’s files demonstrated that virtually any digital communication is at risk. For journalists investigating governments or other high-profile organisations, there is