Eight of the worst computer viruses ever to hit the headlines

As the Internet continues to occupy a bigger and bigger portion of our day-to-day lives, so too does the threat of cyber crime increase. Although the Internet is, for most people, simply a convenient way of spying on old classmates or spending an alarming amount of money before payday is even over, for many businesses […]

The future of cyber security

In the UK, there are upwards of 49 million cyber attacks annually, and this number is increasing. Now a priority for all sizes of business, cyber security has attracted the media spotlight; earlier in the year, Vince Cable warned that some key services were especially vulnerable, while David Cameron also recognized the potential dangers – […]

Top tips for retaining cyber security staff

With an improvement in the job market and a shortage of cyber security professionals, there is an increasing demand amongst employers. Businesses are in competition for the best cyber security specialists, and attractive remuneration packages are being offered to the best. For those specialists with the most proven skills, their phone numbers and