8 skills needed to be a cyber security expert: Formal qualifications

In Common ByTeam Acumin / 6th November 2015

While having the right personality and interests is crucial, if you want to be seriously considered for a career as a cyber security expert, you’ll also need a relevant formal qualification. Let’s consider what employers look for in a good candidate:

Bachelor’s degree

The most commonly accepted qualification for a cyber security expert is a Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field, so you will have some choice in the kind of degree you opt for, as long as it is related to computers in some way.

Information Technology

However, if you really want to set yourself up as a cyber security expert, opting for a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology is probably your best bet, especially if you choose a concentration in Cyber Security.

Some universities even offer a B.S in Cyber Security, so if it’s possible for you to do this course, you will significantly increase your chances of being employed in the cyber security industry in the future.

In most of these degrees, you’ll get to learn a lot about database design and administration, which is obviously vital to becoming a cyber security expert. Many courses in IT and Cyber Security will also focus on things matters like cryptology, Unix, digital forensics and computer forensics.


It’s also wise to earn certifications if you are serious about becoming a cyber security expert. There are several certifications that could help you on your way, but those that offer Network Security Administrator credentials and Certificated Cyber Security Training are ideal.

In some cases, if you have these certifications, you may not need to have a Bachelor’s Degree, depending on the company you wish to work for and the position you are applying for, so it’s always worth checking which qualifications are acceptable with various employers.