8 skills needed to be a cyber security expert: Problem solving

In Your Career ByTeam Acumin / 2nd November 2015

Problem solving is an important skill for us all to have, no matter what occupation we choose to make our living with, but it is particularly important for individuals who want to set themselves up as cyber security experts.

We are all painfully aware that technology is in a state of constant flux and evolution, and although this is a good thing in many ways, because it enables us to create new technologies that make life easier and more enjoyable for the many, it can also be a difficult matter to get to grips with, especially when it’s new technology developed by the bad guys that we’re dealing with.

Since ‘black hats’ can create new and terrifying ways of hacking into systems and stealing our databases at such a fast rate, it’s vital that cyber security experts are also experts when it comes to problem solving.

By being a problem solving pro, you will be able to work out how hackers are gaining access to a system, even if you have no previous knowledge of the methods they are using, and even if there isn’t a textbook out there to help you, which means that you will be able to get on top of the problem quickly.


A big aspect of problem solving is the ability to think creatively. You can boost your creativity in a number of ways, from doing things in a different way to get a new perspective in the matter, to taking time out to try out creative pursuits, or being more playful with the technology you use as a cyber security expert.

There is also some evidence to suggest that taking time out to daydream can help you solve more complex problems on a more unconscious level, so taking regular breaks could also help you become better in your work.