Are password strength meters up to the task?

Password strength meters are designed to help users create strong secure passwords, but many are easily fooled and leave people with a false impression of how strong their passwords are. When users sign up for a

What salary should people expect for IT security jobs?

Most IT security jobs are reasonably well paid, but like most jobs, salaries vary according to experience, seniority and level of responsibilities. The average UK salary is currently £27,531. IT security jobs are generally above

How is gamification shaping cyber security?

Gamification, the process of applying gaming elements to other activities, is rapidly becoming a tool to assist cyber security. There are four main principles of

Brexit – how might it affect cyber security?

The results of the recent referendum mean that within two or more years, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. The exit will affect many areas of British life, including the economy, immigration and trade with

How will IT security jobs change in the next decade?

Technology is developing at a fast pace, and IT security jobs will need to adapt to these changes. Microsoft, in its Cyberspace 2025 report, has made predictions on how communications technology will change in the next 10 years and