Acumin’s Cyber/IT/Information Security Year in Review – 2015: Q1

If 2014 was the year cyber security broke in to the mainstream, then 2015 has been a classic case of the ‘difficult second album’. The sad fact is for all that’s been achieved, we still live in a world where people unwittingly but very willingly broadcast their date of birth, and mother’s maiden/first pet/childhood street […]

Four ways we can fight cyber attacks in 2016: 4. Government action

When it comes to fighting cyber attacks, not only do we have to do everything we can individually to ensure that we are safe from hackers, and not only do corporations have to invest in better cyber security measures to keep their customers safe, but the

Four ways we can fight cyber attacks in 2016: 2. Training

Due to the growing issue of cyber security, and the need to prevent cyber attacks, we need to ensure as a country that we are doing all we can to prevent high-profile attacks from happening time and time again in 2016. One of the most effective things we

Four ways we can fight cyber attacks in 2016: 1. Investment

With a number of high profile cyber attacks making the headlines in recent months, most notably the ones involving TalkTalk and Ashley Madison, it’s hardly surprising that businesses and even politicians all have data security on the