Advanced reading: three books to boost your cyber security knowledge

While top qualifications and first-hand experience in a cyber security role will no doubt set you in good stead, doing some extra reading in your own time will give you a broader view of what your contemporaries are saying about your field. However, as anyone who has turned to a decent library for books on

What are the biggest challenges when sourcing information security professionals?

During each RANT forum and conference information security professionals gather together to talk about some of the most pressing issues in the industry. One of the topics that often gets brought up is recruitment and how organisations in both the public and private sector go about bringing in the most talented individuals. During the latest […]

Acumin rocks into the USA

Acumin, an international information security and information risk management recruitment specialist, which has been delivering expert advice and assistance since 1998, is now expanding its operations into the US market. The recruitment agency, which is comprised of a number of specialist consultants, delivers a comprehensive range of services across a number of platforms, catering for […]