8 skills needed to be a cyber security expert: Decision making

One of the things that’s absolutely essential to being a good cyber security expert is the ability to make sound decisions quickly. It doesn’t matter how much studying you have done on the nuts and bolts of cyber security, or how technically able you are to identify any insecurities in a piece of software; if […]

8 skills needed to be a cyber security expert: Critical thinking

One of the things that all cyber security experts have in common is excellent critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is the ability to think rationally and with some clarity about the tasks we do and the things we believe. It encompasses a wide range of skills, including: • the ability to reflect • independent thinking […]

The changes to your salary infographic

We have created the following infographic to show how the salaries have changed over the last year or so within the information security and risk management sectors. How does your current salary compare? Use the infographic on your website We’d be more than happy if you’d like to display this infographic on your website. To […]

What are the biggest challenges when sourcing information security professionals?

During each RANT forum and conference information security professionals gather together to talk about some of the most pressing issues in the industry. One of the topics that often gets brought up is recruitment and how organisations in both the public and private sector go about bringing in the most talented individuals. During the latest […]

We could all do with talking more

There’s something to be said about good communication, whether it’s an after work chat on the crazy wages of football stars, an enlightening exchange of tweet with someone across the world on press privacy in a digital age, or a networking meeting to discuss the latest happenings in the information security and risk management industry. […]