Taking a leap into the unknown

Sun-Tzu, the great ancient Chinese military general and strategist, famously said: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” He was a very wise man and his iconic work, the Art of War, is popular among successful politicians and businessmen and women all around the world. We’re talking about Sun-Tzu because we speculate that Keith B Alexander, […]

Don’t be a needle in a haystack

“A winner is someone who recognises his god-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Famous words from Larry Bird, a former NBA basketball player who was forced to retire from the game at the age of 36. He’d had a seminal career though; […]

A little chat about penetration testing

Like ethical hacking, penetration testing – or pen testing to use its more popular name – is a way of assessing the security credentials of a network and/or system. Not to be confused with testing whether your dried up bic biro still works, it “tests” a system’s ability to keep information and data secure by […]

The attraction of contract working: Part Two

  Our last post was a sort of preamble to contract working, putting its arrival in the modern world as a way of working against a wider historical context, of how work patterns and behaviours, expectations and attitudes have changed as the world began to open up to one another. The continents of the planet […]

The attraction of contract working: Part One

Contract work is, these days, a growing phenomenon. More people than ever before, especially in the Information Security industry, are considering shifting to this unique style of working. And it appeals to both individuals and organisations, principally because it is a flexible, easy and productive way of working. So just what is contract work? Although […]

A new year, a new you and a new opportunity

At the start of a new year there is a certain impulse to start afresh. Not so much from square one, that would be quite absurd, but from a certain, how can we put it, stage in one’s life? So, as is customary, one will choose to go on a diet after a period of […]

A lack of definition denying organisations top professionals

When one cannot define something it poses a problem of sorts. Without definition, which would suggest clarity, boundary and form, something which is indefinite is, by its nature, vague, ambiguous and hazy. While this may sound obvious, it is said in response to some reading we came across recently. A report from the Government Accountability […]

Get Tweeting for Recruitment

It seems like there was never a time when Twitter wasn’t around, such is its ubiquity in contemporary society. From the general public posting ramblings to celebrities waxing lyrical about their lifestyles to the government keeping the public updated about its various endeavours (many of which no doubt centre on the economy!), this social media […]

How easy is it for us to find your CV?

Search for advice on writing a CV and one of the first things you will read is that it should be no more than two pages long.  The last thing a hiring manager wants to do is read through reams of paper detailing your every project and anything else you’ve ever done or thought about […]

Acumin Launch in US

Recruitment services specialist expands team following demand from US vendors Acumin Consulting, the leading UK recruitment services specialist to the information security and risk management markets, launches today its services to the US market.  The expansion comes as a result of demand from US-based vendors that Acumin has previously serviced within Europe and Acumin’s desire to build a global Information Security recruitment practice. […]