Four ways we can fight cyber attacks in 2016: 1. Investment

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 4th January 2016

With a number of high profile cyber attacks making the headlines in recent months, most notably the ones involving TalkTalk and Ashley Madison, it’s hardly surprising that businesses and even politicians all have data security on the mind right now as they look to quieten the issue in the New Year. If that’s to happen, it’s the unavoidable truth that money will be needed.

Investment importance

The government has recognised that one the most important ways to fight attacks by hackers and cyber criminals is to invest in cyber security. In his recent Autumn Statement, Chancellor George Osborne revealed that the government would invest £1.9bn in cyber security in order to protect Britain from attacks in the future, stating that the tech sector was a priority area for investment.

In a speech given at GCHQ, Osborne pledged to nearly double government investment to protect Britain from attacks. Much of the money will be spent on improving domestic intelligence capabilities and defending the UK’s critical infrastructure, as well as ecommerce activity, from hackers.


As well as investing in further cyber security measures, it is important that some of the money being given to prevent cyber attacks is invested in business upskilling and raising the requirements of individuals taking up cyber security jobs. After all, increased security measures and better security software alone will not be enough to stem the tide of cyber attacks carried out by highly skilled hackers – it will take a multipronged approach to get results and improve security for all UK citizens.


One area of cyber security that particularly needs investment is education on the matter, as it is predicted there will be a cyber security workforce shortage of 1.5 million by 2020. Needless to say, it’s a situation that must be remedied if we are to increase cyber security significantly.