Four ways we can fight cyber attacks in 2016: 2. Training

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 5th January 2016

Due to the growing issue of cyber security, and the need to prevent cyber attacks, we need to ensure as a country that we are doing all we can to prevent high-profile attacks from happening time and time again in 2016. One of the most effective things we can do to this end is increase the amount of training in the cyber security industry.

What is being done to boost cyber security training?

Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, recently launched CyberInvest. This £6.5m industry and government scheme has been set up to support cutting edge cyber security research and prevent cyber attacks in the UK.

The scheme will enable the cyber security industry to utilise the expertise of GCHQ, EPSRC and top academics in the field, while investing in the most important areas of research that will allow them to protect the UK from future cyber attacks.

CyberInvest will work to build links between industry, government and academia to ensure that research and training is made widely available. This is something that will be particularly important if we are to prevent the predicted 1.5 million shortfall in cyber security professionals by 2020.

The Cyber Scheme

Another initiative looking to ensure that we have the skills and training needed to prevent future cyber attacks is The Cyber Scheme, which provides training in areas as diverse as penetration, testing, forensics and risk management.

The scheme was set up, and is accredited by, GCHQ and the Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), and will be regularly monitored by the latter. This should ensure that it maintains the high standards needed to fight off hackers and ensure that UK cyber space is as safe and secure as it is possible to be.