Four ways we can fight cyber attacks in 2016: 3. Corporate responsibility

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 6th January 2016

Most of the biggest and most memorable cyber attacks in recent months have been the ones that targeted high profile corporations, such as TalkTalk, Google and Ashley Madison. These are companies that many of us trust with our sensitive data, including credit card numbers, names and addresses, so it is of paramount importance that all manner of corporations, who operate online to any extent, do whatever they can to ensure that they are not vulnerable to cyber attacks in 2016 and beyond.


There are a number of things that corporations should to do ensure that they are acting in a responsible way. One of the simplest is being aware of cyber crime and the latest hacks and scams, so that they can warn staff, take measures to prevent their customers becoming victims, and warn their customers to be on the lookout for things like malware or dodgy emails.


Corporations must also invest well in anti-cyber crime software, cyber security staff and improved hardware if they are to decrease their chances of suffering from an attack. They really cannot afford to cut corners when hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated in their approach.


Good encryption protocols are extremely important for any corporations that store sensitive data. They make it much more difficult for hackers to obtain sensitive information in the event that they are able to breach cyber security and access stored data.


Creating strong passwords, that are tough to crack, and changing them regularly is one of the simplest things companies can encourage their employees to do to thwart hackers and cyber criminals.

Aside from implementing these measures, of course, the best thing any corporation can do is seek the help of a cyber security expert, perhaps having at least one on staff, so that they can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fighting cyber attacks in 2016.