High-profile hackings of 2015: Minecraft Pocket Edition Forum

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 24th October 2015

If you have children, or you’re a gaming fan, then no doubt you will be well aware of Minecraft, the unbelievably popular independent sandbox video game, which has swept the globe by storm. Sadly, its popularity is probably the very thing that caused hackers to target its forum in 2015.

What happened?

In May 2015, the Minecraft Pocket Edition forum, an unofficial but sizeable online community, was subject to an attack by hackers who went on to publically dump the information they obtained when they reached the site’s security.

How many records were accessed?

More than 16,000 accounts were made public. They included information such as usernames, IP addresses, passwords and emails of the site’s members.

How it happened

It has been alleged that the forum was hacked by Twitter user @rmsgOd, who was a member of @TeaMp0isoN hacking crew. It is not known how he was able to access user records if indeed it was him, but it is likely that there were some holes in the forums security that enabled a breach.


TeaMp0isoN is a small computer security research group that is known for using black hat methods to hack into systems, which have in the past included NATO and NASA. Although it disbanded in 2012, it returned in 2015, claiming to now use white hat techniques.

What’s happened since?

Since the forum was breached, it has been decommissioned, which proves just how big an impact a serious data breach can have on companies that do not do enough to protect the information of their clients and users.

As hashed passwords and salts were dumped online, it would not be a difficult job for experienced hackers to crack passwords, and this could lead to all kinds of phishing scams that would make members of the site vulnerable to a whole host of problems.