New research finds dangerous graphics card virus

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 30th September 2013

A Berlin-based researcher has found a virus that is resistant to security software.

Showing just how important it is that companies hire staff in IT security roles, Patrick Stewin discovered the worm infects commonly overlooked graphics card files.

According to SC Magazine, Mr Stewin will present a report on the virus next month and it is expected his findings will be jumped on by firms like AVG and Kaspersky, which are looking to stay one step ahead of hacktivists and cyber criminals.

One of the biggest issues the new threat presents is an attack on Direct Memory Access (DMA), which can ruin a computer and make it unusable.

“DMA-based attacks launched from peripherals are capable of compromising the host without exploiting vulnerabilities present in the operating system running on the host,” commented Mr Stewin.

The German government has taken an interest in the young IT security professional’s findings and will likely provide him with further funding if his claims can be proven in his hotly anticipated report.

Posted by Tom Bradley

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