Small business tips: Choosing an internet security suite

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 17th June 2015

Internet security is no longer a luxury that small businesses can make a decision over based on whether or not they can afford it. Instead, it is a necessity to ensure business continuity, reduce the risk of data theft, and clamp down on malicious damage or even corporate espionage.

It used to be that, for a small business, internet security was dependent on individuals regularly updating the software on their PC to keep the network safe. With internet security suites, the responsibility for doing this can now be centralized and comes with the added benefits of full access management and monitoring across your network.

Benefits include restricting access to certain websites and being able to permanently wipe data on remote devices, which can be essential in the event that they are stolen or become lost.

Small business internet security suites are an essential cornerstone to network security and, when selecting the right product, it should offer robust malware, virus and Trojan protection, as well as:

• the ability to secure all devices on the network, including PCs, Macs, mobile devices and servers
• WiFi protection
• anti-phishing and anti-keylogging protection
• proactive protection
• easy installation

Depending on your industry sector, you may need additional security features to ensure the protection of your employees and customer information. This is particularly pertinent if you hold payment information data. Each suite differs with its offerings and such add-ons may cost more, so you should consider whether they are an essential element of your network security policy or not. Features include:

• file encryption
• file shredding
• tools for data loss prevention
• automatic data backup
• content filtering
• social media protection

Keeping the software up to date, as well as implementing regular back-ups and educating staff on the dangers of opening attachments from unknown sources, should help to minimise the dangers posed by cybercriminals.