Ostrich Security: Peter Jopling Offers Jousting Tips at the RANT Forum

Sometimes it feels like you’re on a hiding to nothing when you’re an information-security professional. You were hired to protect your business’s most critical digital assets – source code to proprietary software; confidential details of planned deals or mergers; customer billing information; and so on – and you’ve designed the system you feel is required. […]

One Acronym to Rule Them All…

It seems that maybe MDM (Mobile Device Management) isn’t the most effective solution to an issue as broad and undefined as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), although it certainly is a simpler one. At a recent CISO panel, Andrew Yeomans, a board member of the Jericho Forum and regular attendee of the RANT event for […]

History today – BYOD and the need for a smartphone policy

We all live through history. Seminal events, big changes in life, landmark breakthroughs and the like, however noteworthy, come to have a greater significance in the future, seen from afar, analysed, placed in a wider context. Like when the internet came – some of us remember hearing about it at school, a teacher remarking you […]

The new orthodoxy: Bring your own device

Even the most cynical of us are susceptible to advertising and foolhardy followers of certain brands. We’d like to think we’re immune to this, that we’re individualistic, capricious and that we choose our own paths. No sir, not the case. Take for example baked beans. Now we’re not one to product place, but Heinz Beanz […]