Acumin’s Cyber/IT/Information Security Year in Review – 2015: Q2

April – “No I insist, please just take it” In the month that acts surmounting to cyberwar unfolded, one airline went out of its way to make hackers’ jobs a lot easier. This time RyanAir wasn’t making the headlines for some new hare-brained schemes to charge for basic human rights on-board its planes (toilets, seatbelts, […]

Acumin’s Cyber/IT/Information Security Year in Review – 2015: Q1

If 2014 was the year cyber security broke in to the mainstream, then 2015 has been a classic case of the ‘difficult second album’. The sad fact is for all that’s been achieved, we still live in a world where people unwittingly but very willingly broadcast their date of birth, and mother’s maiden/first pet/childhood street […]

Heartbleed: What Have We Learned?

Here at the Acumin Blog we always try to tread carefully. We realise this means we’re not like a lot of other blogs, and it also means we won’t be your first port of call for breaking infosec news (though we trust you’re keeping a close eye on the news feed over at the main […]

Why Google and Starbucks Still Have a Lot to Learn about Information Security

While two data points are just a coincidence, three could well be a trend: so I’ll be watching the news in coming days for a third household-name company playing fast and loosewith its customers’ personal information. In the past few days, both Google and Starbucks have been found to be pursuing policies regarding data breaches […]

Quiz Our Panel of Experts at April’s Infosecurity Europe RANT Forum Special

There’s a different venue and a new look to this month’s RANT Forum, as the premier talking-shop for Britain’s cyber-security and information-assurance professionals follows the rest of the industry over to west London for the Infosecurity Europe event. In partnership with co-hosts for the night, Trend Micro, RANT founders Acumin are temporarily relocating the lively […]

Opinion: It’s Time Social-Media Platforms Took Automated Scams More Seriously

I wasn’t directly affected by the MH-17 disaster, but it came closer to touching me than most of the rest of the parade of grim headlines and casual atrocities which have made up one of the most depressing news cycles in recent memory. That’s not to suggest that the appalling and never-ending tragedy of Israel […]

How to Lose Customers the eBay Way

And so, another domino falls. This week it was eBay’s turn to announce it had been the victim of a massive data breach. As befits such a revelation from what is, at present, the 23rd-most-visited website in the world, the news has been accorded headline status across the globe. And, as was the case with […]

A Double Dose of Debate at May’s RANT Forum

You lucky, lucky people. Not only is RANT gearing up for its second annual day-long conference in a couple of weeks (details here – and sign up soon, it’s nearly full), but this month’s regular RANT Forum offers a double helping of information-security plain-talking, as two experienced and respected professionals tackle a different hot-button topic. […]

Ostrich Security: Peter Jopling Offers Jousting Tips at the RANT Forum

Sometimes it feels like you’re on a hiding to nothing when you’re an information-security professional. You were hired to protect your business’s most critical digital assets – source code to proprietary software; confidential details of planned deals or mergers; customer billing information; and so on – and you’ve designed the system you feel is required. […]