Opinion: It’s Time Social-Media Platforms Took Automated Scams More Seriously

I wasn’t directly affected by the MH-17 disaster, but it came closer to touching me than most of the rest of the parade of grim headlines and casual atrocities which have made up one of the most depressing news cycles in recent memory. That’s not to suggest that the appalling and never-ending tragedy of Israel […]

Facebook’s hidden flaws

Facebook is such a standard these days for both individuals and businesses alike it’s an unwritten rule that anyone or any company that avoids it, for whatever reason, really is living in the dark ages. However, with the recognition that the social networking platform is an everyday thing, like perhaps the presence of mobile phones, […]

Something phishy is going on in Facebook

What would a world be like without Facebook? The mere question sends an icy shudder down our collective spines. It has become so embedded not only in our personal lives, but has rooted itself into the identity of different facets of society. From political parties to charities to big corporate giants, Facebook has become integral […]