Three reasons to consider a career in cyber security

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 20th June 2015

With demand for cyber security professionals at an all-time high and an estimated shortfall of 1.5 million candidates predicted by 2020, now might just be the best time to consider a career in this challenging and rewarding sector.

Not only is the job highly dynamic, but it is an essential component of the digital age where more companies are embracing shared technology, while at the same time exposing themselves to a greater risk of security breaches.

1. High pay

Average salaries for information technology security specialists are well above the national average. With demand outstripping supply, a qualified candidate with good credentials can expect to enter the job market on a great wage.

As of 2014, the lowest day rate a junior security analyst can secure is £225, whilst more experienced professionals are commanding rates of £450 per day. Such is the need for such personnel, that universities are seeing some of their students offered employment even before they have finished their courses.

2. Career development

Career progression and training are part of the deal. With businesses knowing that their skilled professionals are in high demand, the key to keeping them in the role is not only to offer big pay packets, but also to offer them advancement in their careers.

Traditionally, IT personnel may have been overlooked for continued professional development, whilst security analysts are regarded as having crucial roles in business continuity.

The threat of cyber attacks moves at such a pace that those in defence roles must keep up at the same rate.

3. Transferrable skills

A role in cyber security is one of the most transferrable positions in the careers market. Cyber threats are a global concern for businesses of all sizes, and the demand for the best candidates allows you to choose exactly where you want to work, whether this is for a multi-national company offering foreign travel or an SME.