Top cyber security websites: Part 6 –

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 20th July 2015


Naked Security is an award winning computer security website brought to you from Sophos – the well-known computer security programme developers who are known for their leading software products, including the Sophos UTM and Secure Web gateway. As such, it is a wealth of accurate information in the cyber security world.

The website consists primarily of news stories and analysis created by a dedicated team of knowledgeable reporters.


As mentioned above, the primary content available at Naked Security is news content, with a few opinion pieces and advice thrown into the mix. You can expect to read articles on the following topics:

• The latest security threats
• Security tips and advice
• Research
• Malware
• Clickjacking
• Security threats
• Spam
• Data loss

The information at Naked Security is presented in a simple format, so users don’t necessarily need to be experts in the subject to gain from it.


Naked Security offers a number of free computer security tools, including antivirus tools for a range of devices, and a UTM firewall tool. A free trial is also available on the excellent web filtering tool.

The website features a number of useful and informative videos, which can help you to ensure that your data stays protected and your devices are impenetrable.


It’s because Naked Security’s authors are experts in their respective fields that the topics covered in the website are in such detail. The writers really know what they are talking about, and it shows in the excellent quality of the writing on the site.

One of the best things about Naked Security is the heavy use of videos to get the message across, which helps to make the site more accessible to people across the board. The site is also well-designed, despite its fairly minimal style.