Top eight cyber security vendors to watch this year

In Information Security ByTeam Acumin / 12th June 2015

With the cyber security industry expected to more than double its growth in the next five years, the market is thriving. Considering the new entrants and innovative offerings from existing companies, who are the vendors to look out for in 2015?

Research and intelligence company Cybersecurity Ventures has published its most recent market report identifying emerging start-ups and recognisable brands. The results are unique in the analysis of the sector, using key performance indices that are based on product reviews, company growth rather than turnover, size of customer base, and number of employees.

The list, of over 500 companies, doesn’t acknowledge the largest vendors, but instead focuses on those that are the most creative, responsive and shaping the future of the market.

So, who made the higher end of the ranking? Here’s a breakdown of the names that came out on top:

1) FireEye

Operating in the Advanced Threat Protection sector, this American company was founded in 2004 and has over 2,700 customers across 67 countries. Its signature platform provides dynamic and real-time threat protection.

2) Lancope

Another American company, Lancope is leading the way in network visibility and security intelligence. Its research teams have brought the StealthWatch system to market, offering quicker response times to security threats, lower risk and enhanced detection mechanisms.

3) AlienVault

Excelling in threat detection and response, AlienVault offers an affordable solution utilizing the latest crowd-sourced intelligence on global threats to cyber security.

4) Norse

As the global leader in its field, Norse is a recognizable brand and looks set to build on the phenomenal success of the DarkMatter platform. A live intelligence solution, the DarkMatter software can tag and detect risks well in advance of traditional platforms.

5) Easy Solutions

Specializing in fraud prevention, Easy Solutions is another American company. Founded in 2007, Easy Solutions has seen an incredible growth of 1,500% in the last three years across its range of anomalous transaction detection, anti-phishing and safe-browsing portfolio.

6) AVG Technologies

The only European company to make the top rankings, AVG offers specific online and anti-virus software.

7) RSA

Providing the industry with intelligence-based security, RSA has been a driving partner to the cyber industry market since 1982 and continues to provide the industry with cutting-edge solutions.

8) IBM

Needing no introduction, the market giant has continued to expand on its success with its integrated security solutions. Providing a reliable portfolio covering all aspects of security, IBM combines agility and complexity to respond quickly to new threats.

With an exponential rise in the level of threat posed from online sources, the cyber security sector needs to support the innovation and creativity demonstrated by its leading organisations. Time will tell if this will translate to a company’s fortunes, but these eight players will, no doubt, be driving the marketplace.